Sea & Air Freight

With our network and global partnerships, Cedars offer advanced logistics solutions, both export and import, for all your cargo needs. We can transport your cargo from anywhere in the world into Tanzania and its neighboring countries, and vice versa.

Our export ocean freight services provide comprehensive solutions in order for your cargo to travel as LCL (less than container load) or FCL (full container load) to virtually any destination from the port of Dar Es Salaam. This is the same for our air freight services offered with support from our well-experienced staff ensuring timely presentation of all required documents at ports, most efficient cost provision and timely delivery of your cargo. A range of services are available for import ocean freight at Cedars including full shipments and RORO (roll-on/roll-off) transport services.

Our complete independence gives us 100% flexibility in the choice of carriers while simultaneously taking into consideration the best price and optimum solution for our valued customers.

We take pride in having outstanding, large-scale relationships with quality shipping lines, hence, ensuring stability/consistency in our services and assurance to our customers.

As we take into consideration the ideal prices and finest solution for our highly valued customers, absolute independence in our work provides us with complete freedom and flexibility in the selection of carrier solutions such as road, rail and more.

Cold Chain Logistics

One of the major services we provide is the transportation of temperature – controlled goods. Such cargo deserves much more and Cedars ensures product quality is well-maintained through efficient and timely delivery of your refrigerated shipment.

We have got you covered with our cold chain logistics services. This involves transporting temperature – sensitive products through logistical planning and refrigerated methods in order to safeguard your shipment’s integrity.

Any organization selling perishable products primarily considers cold chain logistics in order to deliver uncompromised quality goods. With our experience and expertise on reefers and logistics, Cedars ensures that customer satisfaction is met. Some of our work with transportation of reefer containers include moving food products, pharmaceuticals, both locally and internationally to destinations such as Lubumbashi, Lilongwe, Kolwezi, Lusaka, Kigali, Bujumbura and many more.

How Cedars does it:

Cedars offers shipments of 20 and 40 feet refrigerated containers capable of carrying up to 26 tons of perishable products. These containers are electronically plugged into a generator (gensets) powered by trucks, terminals or distribution centers in order to control the temperature within them. With this process, Cedars ensures shorter loading and offloading periods and significantly reduces the risk of damaging the cargo. 

Through our knowledge and expertise in the technology of Reefers, we assure that units are perfectly insulated to maintain air circulation that is temperature-controlled by an independent refrigeration plant. With this we are able to maintain your cargo at an optimal temperature by adjusting it from warm (13°C), cool (2°C), frozen (-18°C) to deeply frozen (-29°C) in order to meet your cargo needs.

Land Transportation

Cedars handles both import and export cargo in Tanzania and across bordering countries including Congo (DRC), Zambia, Rwanda, Malawi, Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, through effective land transportation. Our absolute independence provides us with complete freedom and flexibility in the selection of carrier solutions like road and rail as we simultaneously anticipate the ideal prices and finest solution for our valued customers.


Cedars offers “transit cargo” transportation to and from Dar es Salaam Port and multiple locations in the neighboring countries of Tanzania such as Lubumbashi, Uvira, Bukavu, Kolwezi, Likasi, Goma, Lusaka, Lukulu, Bujumbura, Kigali, Gisenyi, Kampala, Ndola, Mombasa, Solwezi, Lilongwe and many more. As we continue to provide the best services to our clients, in terms of export, customs control remains to be the primary aspect of the entire system.

Our services include domestic land transportation of cargo in Tanzania’s primary destinations including within Dar es Salaam city limits.

Return cargo is also another efficient transport service that Cedars offers. Such cargo includes cobalt, bitumen, copper.

Abnormal Wide Load

Among the many abnormal wide load services that Cedars offers, we undertake all types and sizes of general and specialized haulage work, from simple, in gauge, one-off moves, to larger more complex multiple vehicle abnormal loads and heavy haulage project moves.

We have the ability to handle your complex road transport logistics, whether it is cargo shipped as Break Bulk (BB), Heavy Lift (HL) or Out of Gauge (OOG). Cedars take —- extreme precautions to ensure your cargo arrives to its final destination with the utmost care by using double chain lashing and, in some cases, dismantling and assembling machinery to comply with Tanzanian regulations.


One of our specialized services is tanker transportation. To meet individual client requirements; Cedars offers a world-class variety of tank capabilities.

Loose Container Load

A common service utilized by a large number of our clients is the transportation of Loose Container Load (LCL). Cedars provides a selection of storage, container stuffing, warehousing and transporting solutions along with various options from containerized to strapped cargo.

We specialize in closed SecureBox body trailers that can be transported to nine countries surrounding Tanzania. For added security GIT insurance is also available and all our vehicles can be tracked in real-time.


The essence of our functions. As the industry has expanded, we have adapted and increased our fleet in order to manage the demand for cargo. We highly favour big European truck manufacturers such as Volvo, Scania, Daf and Mercedes that receive in-house scheduled maintenance on a regular basis for maximum performance.

In order to keep up with the market trend we have invested in;

4 car carrier trailers 

50 trucks  

40 container trailers 

10 tanker trailers 

10 low bed heavy load trailers

Cedars Investment Limited has set a target to accrue an additional 50 trucks and 50 trailers by the end of 2021.

Clearing & Forwarding

At Cedars we like to offer a full range of services. For a holistic experience, take advantage of our custom clearance services available in Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, DRC and beyond. We have two yards conveniently located close to the port area for easy access. Both our yards have the capacity to hold up to 50 trucks and trailers at any given time and include an on-site workshop for regular maintenance conducted by our highly trained workshop team.

Cedars Investment takes pride in our expertise in the logistics industry; something we would be unable to do without the experienced professionals on our team.

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